FDA Approved Ingredients


Promotes an elevated mood, helps to reduce PMS symptoms, mild aphrodisiac and also helps fight depression.


Fantastic for your libido and mood, stimulates a sense of excitement and well-being in the brain’s pleasure centers and reaches peak levels during orgasm.

Cistanche Bark

It has a boosting effect on libido. Formulas using cistanche act as a tonic by increasing the supply of blood to the vital organs may help with intense orgasms.

Passion Flower

is an aphrodisiac that has been shown to have restorative effects on libido and fertility.


Traditionally used in Ayurveda for PMS, menopause and endometriosis Shatavari builds blood to prepare the womb for conception and helps to prevent miscarriage.

Mucuna Pruriens

Used in Ayurveda to treat nervous system disorders, low sex drive, and infertility. Mucuna’s active ingredient is L-dopa, which converts into brain chemical dopamine.


also known as Vitex. Used for menopausal conditions it is also helpful for reducing symptoms of PMS. It also boosts progesterone naturally.


is a root vegetable that looks like a turnip. For more than 2000 years native Peruvians have used maca root as food and medicine to promote fertility, endurance, vitality and energy.

Schizandra berries

Used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine because of its ability to prolong life, increase youth, vitality and enhance beauty.


(Turnera diffusa) is an herb used traditionally by the Mayan people of Central America to enhance sexual function in men and women acting as an aphrodisiac.

Dong Quai

A woman’s sex drive can diminish with age as estrogen levels drop. Dong quai may work to counteract this effect by re-balancing estrogen levels so more regular arousal is achieved.


is a mild, lasting stimulant with a mood improving effect, may enhance libido desire.


may help combat sexual dysfunction in women & improve blood flow to the genital area by dilating blood vessels.